Say, have you heard, of John Jasper Jude?
He lives across town, he's the Coffee Shop Dude.
His feet are too long, his legs are too short.
He hunts wild azaleas, purely for sport.
And he always has plenty of cash.

Have you ever met him? Old John Jasper Jude?
I know he's quite salty, and just a bit rude.
He's also quite brainy, and such a big nerd.
You can spot him for miles, if you haven't heard.
Because of his bright green mustache.

So please take a message to John Jasper Jude.
His friend is in town and he's in a bad mood.
His friend he is me, and I hope Jude is found.
For the Central Midwest is where I am bound.
To buy up their black cherry mash.

I really must find him, my friend Mr. Jude.
I'm in such a hurry and may come unglued.
So if you should see him, please tell him my tale.
My hunger has blossomed as big as a whale.
And he always has plenty of cash.

The End

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